Install GIT repository on windows in easy steps

GIT is the open source software tracking application, which is used to track project across different team and revisions. Here we are learning the steps to install in windows platform.

Pre-Conditon :

Installing Git prompts you to select a text editor. If you don’t have one, we strongly advise you to install prior to installing Git.

Click here to Download GIT for windows

Steps to install GIT :

  1. Double-click the file to extract and launch the installer.

2. The popup will appear asking to allow the app to make changes to
your device by clicking Yes on the User Account Control dialog that opens.

3. Check the GNU General Public License, and when you’re ready to
install, click Next.

4. The installer will ask you for an installation location. Leave it as
default, unless you have reason to change it, and click Next.

5. A component selection screen will appear. Leave it as defaults unless
you have a specific need to change them and click Next.

6. The installer will offer to Select a start menu folder. Simply
click Next.

7. Select a text editor you’d like to use with Git. Use the drop-down
menu to select Notepad++ (or whichever text editor you prefer) and
click Next.

8. This installation step allows you to change the PATH environment. The PATH is the default set of directories included when you run a command from the command line. you can leave this on the middle (recommended) selection and click Next.

9. This option is related to server certificates. If you’re working in an Active Directory environment, you may need to switch to Windows Store certificates. else use the default option and Click Next.

10. This option is related to the way data is formatted and changing this option may cause problems, so it recommended to leave the default selection and Click Next.

11. This option is to select the terminal. The default MinTTY is recommended, for its features, select it and click Next.

12. Here default options are recommended, however this step allows you to decide which extra option you would like to enable. If you use symbolic links, which are like shortcuts for the command line, check it and click Next.

13. Now depending on the version of Git you’re installing, it may offer to install experimental features. leave them unchecked and click on Install.

14. Once the installation is complete, check the boxes to view the Release Notes or Launch Git Bash, then click on Finish.