How to complain for online cheating Fraud. Steps to know

Hi Friends, The heavy use of affordable mobile handsets and high-speed data plans opens windows for welcoming the digital frenzy cheaters.

The insecure way to handle the online payments including the sharing of information to unknown callers or responding to phishing mails allows the hackers to make a hole into our pocket or convincing you to give access by your wish.

The young people are the soft targets for cyber criminals as most of them are adolescents managing online presence without adult guidance.

Here we will understand the steps to register a cyber crime FIR.

In INDIA a cyber crime cases are registered under the Information Technology (IT) Act.

online portal reference to complain : CLICK HERE

Some common cyber crimes are as :

  1. online banking and credit/debit card frauds
  2.  matrimonial frauds
  3. online stalking
  4. cyber harassment
  5. cyber pornography
  6. cyber defamation

How to File a Cyber Crime Complaint ?

  1. Register a written complaint with the Head of the Cyber Crime Cell of any city in INDIA irrespective of the place where it was originally committed.
  2. If you do not have access to any of the cyber cells in India, you can file a First Information Report (FIR) at the local police station. In case your complaint is not accepted there, you can approach the Commissioner or the city’s Judicial Magistrate.
    ” Under Section 154, Code of Criminal Procedure, for every police officer to record the information/complaint of an offense, irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the crime was committed.”
  3. If you you are a victim of online harassment, a legal counsel can be approached to assist you with reporting it to the police station.
  4. You must be aware that most of cyber crime under under a cognizable office.
    ” A cognizable offense is the one in which a warrant is not required for an arrest or investigation. “
  5. If in case a police officer is bound to record a Zero FIR from the complainant. He must then forward it to the police station under the jurisdiction of the place where the offense was committed.

Documents Required to file a cyber crime complaint :

For Mobile Application Based Complaints

  1. A screenshot of the alleged app and the location from where it was downloaded
  2. The victim’s bank statements in case any transactions were made after the incident
  3. Soft copies of all the aforesaid documents

For Ransomware/Malware Complaints

  1. The email ID, phone number or evidence of any other means of communication through which the demand for ransom was made
  2. In case the malware was sent as an email attachment, screenshots of the email with the complete header of the first receiver

For Banking/Lottery Scam/Fake Call Related Complaints

  1. Bank statements of the concerned bank for the last six months
  2. A copy of the SMSs received related to the suspected transactions
  3. Copy of the victim’s ID and address proof as in bank records

For Business Email Based Complaints

  1. A written brief about the offense
  2. Originating name and location
  3. Originating bank name and account number
  4. Recipient’s name (as in bank records)
  5. Recipient’s bank account number
  6. Recipient’s bank location (not mandatory)
  7. Date and amount of transaction
  8. SWIFT number

For Email Based Complaints

  1. A written brief about the offense
  2. A copy of the suspected email as received by the original receiver (forwarded emails should be avoided)
  3. The complete header of the suspected email
  4. Hard and soft copies of the alleged email and its header
  5. Ensure that the soft copy is provided in a CD-R

For Social Media Based Complaints

  1. A copy or screenshot showing the alleged profile/content
  2. A screenshot of the URL of the alleged content
  3. Hard and soft copies of the alleged content
  4. Ensure that the soft copy is provided in a CD-R

Hope this information will be helpful to you. wish you good surfing and be safe while being online.