Enable Bluetooth Device in Laptop windows 10

HI Friends, I am going to show you to enable Bluetooth device in Laptop for windows 10 in simple steps.

If Bluetooth Device not showing in Device Manager, or icon is missing from your PC or laptop, Follow the below steps.

Click on Notification in extreme right-bottom of your window. Click one enable Bluetooth icon in quick actions. Sometimes if Bluetooth option gets hidden and quick actions. You can enable it, click on the notification icon on the taskbar.
Right click on and choose Edit quick actions. Now click on the Add button. Then select Bluetooth from there.
Now click on done, you will see the Bluetooth button in the quick action.

Fix : Enable Bluetooth icon from settings.

Another possible reason that you cannot see the Bluetooth icon is, it is disabled. To enable it,

click on Start > settings > Click on devices.
Now, enable the Bluetooth here.
If you still can’t see the Bluetooth icon, then click on More Bluetooth options.
Now check this box().
Then, click OK.
You will see the icon on the quick launch.

Fix : restart Bluetooth service.
If the above solutions aren’t working restart the Bluetooth service. Press windows plus our button type services.msc and hit enter.
Now locate Bluetooth support device. Double click to open the start-up type If the service is stopped, then Start it. Otherwise, click on the stop button, then started fixed for launch Bluetooth manually.

Fix : If the Bluetooth icon is still not visible, you can launch it manually. Open your system drive > Windows system32.
Now search for F SPORT copy it and paste it to the desktop.
You can use it to send or receive files using Bluetooth.

Fix : update Bluetooth driver.
Search for Device Manager on the start and click on it to open now expand the Bluetooth section, and right click on the Bluetooth hardware that you are using, choose Update Driver. You can download the driver manually, and then provide the location of the driver using this option.
Otherwise, click on this option and update the driver.
If it is not working then right click on the Bluetooth hardware. Select uninstalled device. Then you can add the device using the steps from the next fix.

Fix : is Bluetooth missing from Device Manager.
If the Bluetooth is missing from the device manager, then how will you update its driver to add the Bluetooth device, follow the steps. If you had uninstalled the device in the previous fix the steps are the same search for Device Manager on the start and click on it to open.
Click on the Action menu and select scan for hardware changes. If the hardware is visible, then update its driver.
If not then restart your PC. It should be visible. If not, click on action. Then, add legacy hardware.
Click Next.
Now choose this option. Click Next.
Select network adapter.
Click Next.
Then select the Bluetooth device manufacturer from the left list, then choose the hardware from the right list. If you cannot find the hardware here, then you can visit the manufacturer website and download its driver
install it, and then restart your PC.
You will see the Bluetooth, in the device manager.

Hope this information will be useful to you.