dslr camera

Easy Photography- Steps on step

First few basic and we are getting going to taking good and awesome photoshot. So that gets started.

What is a DSLR. Camera :
DSLR, or digital SLR camera captures clear and bright pictures. Technically, it’s the image sensor that captures light and gives us that photo.

And a good picture is captured with a perfect blend of the three most important settings:

  1. The shutter speed,
  2. Aperture,
  3. ISO.

All three of them are responsible for one thing only, and that is capturing light, but they all do it in different ways.

Shutter speed shutter is sort of a curtain that resides right in front of the image sensor. It opens up only when you click a picture and allows the light to hit the sensor. The shutter speed is something that we can control means that we can tweak the settings to make the shutter open for a specific amount of time. But this is important if the shutter remains open for longer duration, more amount of light can enter and hit the sensor hence forming a brighter image. And if the shutter remains open for a shorter duration, amount of light we’ll be able to hit the sunset by forming a darker image.

The shutter speed is usually shown in a fraction like one by 30 or one by 50 signifies the time that the shutter will be open for so one by 50 means that the shutter will be open for one 15th of a second.

If you click a picture with the shutter speed set to one by 160 you can see that the shutter opens just for one 60th of a second, it closes baby care letting in less light. Whereas if I click a picture with the shutter speed set to one by four shutter remains open for a longer duration in more light.
even set the shutter speed to two seconds, which would expose the sensor to light for two full seconds and make the image super bright
outside and you to capture a good photo, but it has a side effects too. For instance, you might have heard people say that image is taken at night are a bit blurry or unclear.

That happens due to hand movements when the shutter is open for a longer duration of time. Keeping the shutter curtain open for longer division means that if there is movement, the image sensor will capture that as well.
This phenomenon is known as motion blur, which happens due to any change in the position of the subject while the shutter is open,

While using DSLR I recommend you to try out TV mode where you can set the shutter speed and the camera automatically adjust the aperture value to make sure that the ISO is set to auto jump it apart from setting a low shutter speed can also help you click pictures like these.
A sensor captures the moving light when all the other things in the image remain at same position. Should you use a tripod do as even small hand movements meddle in the shot. A faster high shutter speed can capture images such as these, your object is moving and you obviously can’t wait for it to please.

The aperture or F stop value the amount of light that enters the camera sensor. Wait wasn’t that what shutter speed was? Well don’t get confused. aperture is an opening hole or a gap that sits inside a lens. It as an opening and closing circular. Unlike the shutter, the opening and closing of this door is variable because the gap more the amount of light that passes through the lens.
shown with an F character. This model will be the gap. This is really important because this is what confused the most invalidates
value means a lower f stop number and vice versa is because it’s a fraction.
It’s confusing at first, but trust me, you’ll get used to it.

Keeping the aperture value at 1.8 will let in more light, a circle gap is open to the maximum value that the lens supports.

Likewise, if we set the aperture value to 10, the circular gap will be smaller, insulating a limited amount of light.

A high aperture value would only focus the middle object and blur the foreground as well as the background creating a shallow depth of field. This helps in close up shots or portrait shots.

Higher aperture value letting more light but also create less sharp images. Just capturing almost everything around the background blur effect but the book effect this property of lenses due to the aperture value and is technically known as depth of field. But you want the viewer to admire all the scenic beauty in a simple pitch to production to aperture is responsible for letting in variable amount of light. It also accounts for the sharpness of a photo or video. A higher aperture value would let in more light but also create less sharp images. As it is capturing almost everything around there is a lower aperture value.

ISO determines the sensitivity of the light sensor to light. Obviously, you can fiddle around with the same higher the ISO value more sensitive the image sensor and as a result brighter the image will be lower the ISO value makes the image sensor less sensitive to light and hence darker the image.

By lower ISO decreases the noise it results in more darker shots. higher ISO value does help in taking a brighter image in low light, but also increases the image noise a lot and eventually decrease

Hop this information will he useful to you while starting with photography.