Using GIT repository in easy steps.

There is always good to have repository to code maintained at centralised place. and GIT is widely used as code repository. GIT is supported by Azure portal as repos for maintaining code revision. The Continuous Integration of code from GIT is easy in Azure. The auto build of code can be configured on check-in action in GIT.

What is GIT repository ?

GIT is the open source software tracking application, which is used to track project across different team and revisions. Here we are learning the steps to install in windows platform.

Once GIT is installed you can launch Git GUI

if GIT Is not installed, you can install GIT following easy steps HERE

Step 1 :

 open the Windows Start menu, type git gui and press Enter (or click the application icon).

Step 2 :

you can open power cell to make test directory and connect to GIT repository with easy commands.

mkdir git_test

cd git_test

git config ––global “github_username”

git config ––global “email_address"

Now you can close the GIT repository to the created test folder.

Go to your repository on GitHub. In the top right above the list of files, open the Clone or download drop-down menu. Copy the URL for cloning over HTTPS.

Power cell command :

git clone {repository_url} -- copied link from GIT Hub.

Go to the project directory.

cd git_project
-- This command will list the remote repositories:
git remote –v

Make any changes to the project code or adding new files.

You add new file to GIT using below command.

git add text.txt

The code should be checked-in with comment using below command.

git commit –m “Sample 1”

Now you can push the changes to GIT hub. using below command

git push