Share website link on StumbleUpon in simple steps

Steps to share your blog link on

  1. Navigate to the StumbleUpon website at
  2. Add MIX extension to chrome browser.
  3. click on MIX iocon in chrome browser
  4. Click the “Sign in with google account” link at the top of the screen.
  5. Enter your email address and password to sign into your StumbleUpon account.
  6. Select 5 category of your choice..
  7. Click on + sign to add post to your profile and share with community.
  8. Enter the URL of the blog post into the box and click on mix button
  9. create a new collection group or select from existing.
  10. done with the post’s submission to StumbleUpon.

you can easily follow the steps as above and submit your blog link on with mix extension. Also refer the images below.