Move on-premise SQL Database to Azure and vice-versa in easy steps

Hi Friends, we will see in simple and easy steps to move on-premise SQL Database to Azure SQL Server. And Azure SQL Server database to local SQL Server.

  1. Open SQL server on Local server.

2. Right Click on Database > Select Task > Export Data-tier Applicaton.
Save to local folder as bakup file. example : abc.bakpac
Click Next > Finish

3. Open Azure portal
SignIn and go to your account.

4. Add a Resource Group > Name as NewSQLResourceGroup
Click on NewSQLResourceGroup
Filter for SQL Database Resource.
Click on SQL Database > Click on Create
Enter SQL Server Database and SQL server Details
Select Pricing and Size of db storage

5. SQL Server will be created with database.

6. Now you have to add your local server IP to firewall tab to allow connecting to Azure SQL Server from local system.

7. In Left Panel you can find the server Name under property tab.

  1. 8. Now you can connect to azure SQL database using server Name, userid and password.

  2. 9. Under Azure SQL Server , Right Click on Database
    Select Import Data-tier Application
    Select the abc.bakpac file created in Step 2.
    Click on Next

  1. 10. Under Database Setting .
    Enter Database size and Service Objective as per Pricing and Size
    1. of db storage in step 4.
      Click > Next and finish.
      It will create a database in azure connection SQL Server.
      You can see the created SQL database in azure portal under SQL Server.

Similarly you can extract the Database from the connected Azure server and restore to local server.
Right Click on Database > Import Data-tier Application.