How to withdraw money without ATM Card

A person having a mobile can get the money from icici ATM . How I will tell you below.

There is a facility for ICICI bank account holder to send money to any one who has a mobile number.

Cardless withdrawal serive by ICICI bank.

Cardless Cash Withdrawal is a service which enables you to transfer cash to a beneficiary who does not have any bank account.

This service is available on ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking 24×7 all through the year( including Sundays and bank holiday. )

For transferring funds using this service, all you need is the mobile number of the payee.

The payee can withdraw cash from Cardless Cash Withdrawal* enabled ICICI Bank ATMs across India without the need of any ATM/ Debit Card.


Step 1.> The payee would need to enter his/ her mobile number,

Step 2.> 4-digit and 6-digit verification codes

Step 3.> Total amount on ATM to get the transaction amount in cash.

How to find the nearest ICICI bank ATM location. using your phone.

*SMS ATMCC <PINCODE>  to 922220888

Advantage For Customer initiating the service

  • Send cash anywhere in India
  • Send cash anytime 24X7 including holidays
  • The beneficiary need not have any bank account
  • Safe and secure mode of cash transfer using Corporate Internet Banking

Advantage For Beneficiary receiving the funds

  • No need to have any bank account
  • Receive cash from anywhere in India
  • Receive cash instantly including holidays
  • Cash withdrawal is available from a large network of ICICI Bank ATMs