How to create youtube channel

Hello Friends, Creating youtube channel is a easy task. The great thing is to create good unique videos.

Determine the topic for the videos . it will be always good to create fresh videos of your own. Get a good camera and start shooting for yourself

get the topic for a video . you can create a graphical videos, cartoon or something informative for the audience.

If you have a GMAIL account. you can easily login to youtube website.

GO to your settings and create youtube channel.

Enter description for the purpose of channel creation.

Upload the Banner (channel art) for your channel. it should be descriptive image of size 2560 X 1440 and max file size of 6 MB.

Once you create your youtube channel . you can create your videos and upload with description.

you can manage your vidoes anytime with your smart phone. its easy to do the settings for the videos uploaded by you.

you can create a number of featured channel and manage them in a single window shown above.

You can get paid for the number of views and likes on you videos. So start earning…