How to clean baby nose

Hi Friend, we all knows how pain full it is to clean small baby nose. So i have been searching some effective ways to Clean the baby’s nose and wanted to share with you all.

If your baby is little order then the easiest stuffy nose remedy is to clear the nasal cavity by making the child sneeze to expel the mucus from the nose.

The easiest way to clean your baby’s nose on a regular basis is while bathing, clean your baby’s nose by gently cleaning the area around the nose with a cotton ball or a soft towel soaked in warm water.

Precaution to be taken as please do not insert anything in the nostrils to avoid possible damage to the nose lining.

The other effective way to clear the nostrils are as below.

  1. Elevate the Baby’s Head While Sleeping
    [ Raising the head slightly can ease the stuffy nose and help in breathing. you can place a rolled up towel below the baby’s head. This will offer relief to the baby at nap time. ]
  2. Use a Vaporiser or Humidifier
    [ sometime the dry air could be the cause of dry nose in winters. better is to get a humidifier, which will create moisture in the air and can offer relief from congestion to the baby. ]
  3. Steam Inhalation
    [ creating the moisture and warmth in bathroom also helps in ease the congestion. you can create moisture by running a hot shower and build up the stream in bathroom. the steam will help in thinning and loosening of mucus and clear the congestion in nose. ]

one most important thing to keep in attention is, if applying any of these remedy doesn’t improve in congestion in nose, please consider using a nasal spray or an aspirator. and best is to consult your paediatrician at the earliest.

Take care of baby as they can’t tell the pain and discomfort.They can only cry, so as a parent we should always check their nose and mouth on regular basis.