How to change Mobile Sim

Hi Friend, In recent times there is drastic change happened in mobile manufacturing and the latest mobile supports different types of sim cards.

There are a few different sizes of SIM Cards available:

  1. Standard SIM
  2. Micro SIM
  3. Nano SIM
    Each of those progressively smaller than the previous one. While all three are still used in a variety of phones, Nano SIM has been the most popular choice over the last few years.

On Android phones, you can find the SIM card slot in one of two places:

1. Under (or around) the battery
2. In a dedicated tray along the side of the phone.

If your phone has a removable back plate or user-replaceable battery, then the odds are the SIM slot is somewhere under that back plate.

Sim card Slot under (or around) the battery
  1. first need to pull off the back and look for a little tray. Sometimes it will even be labelled—especially on phones with more than one SIM slot. Either way, it should look something like this: OR  If the phone has a removable battery, you’ll often have to pull the battery and just slide the SIM card into the slot.

The Other type will have the SIM tray on the outside edges of the phone. It’s a small bay with a little hole on one side, for this type of mobile phones you’ll need a SIM removal tool which comes in the box, or if not then you can buy them, OR also just use a small paperclip in a pinch. like in the below image.

1. First Eject the SIM card tray.
2. slide the removal tool into the hole and push. The tray might eject easily,
3. After it pops out a little, pull it out the rest of the way.
4. Remove the old SIM (if there is one) and drop the new SIM in tray.
5. Push the tray back in the slot same way it came out.

This information will help you to change the sim card in particular slot of mobile phone.