Learn Good Habits and Bad Habits in easy steps

Follow Good Habits & Stop Bad Habits

Good habits make a child mild,
And bad habits make a child wild.
Good habits make one happy,
And bad habits make us unhappy.
Good-natured people learn to care,
Bad natured don’t know how to share.
So be good-natured, not bad-natured,
As good-natured people are loved and cared for.

Listing Few Good Habits to follow

  1. Wash hands regularly with Soap or hand wash regularly.
  2. Do Teeth brush morning and night and gargle with warm water and salt.
  3. keep your room and surroundings clean.
  4. Throw garbage in dustbins only.
  5. Always wash and clean fruits before eating.
  6. Drink plenty of water in a day to keep you hydrated.
  7. make habit to save money in piggy box for future use.
  8. Always listen to your mother and father and obey them.

Listing Few Bad Habits to Stop

  1. Don’t east junk food. it damages your digestive system.
  2. Don’t touch your nose and eyes with fingers.
  3. Don’t shout in public unnecessary. be calm and polite while talking.
  4. Don’t drink much alcohol or artificial cold drinks.
  5. Don’t be violent or fight with your siblings, friends or others.
  6. Don’t use mobile for long hours or sleep with mobile on. it damages your peace of mind.
  7. Never disobey your parents. Stop saying bad to parents.