Baby names starting with Letter A

Hi Friend, I have some names starting with letter A. I found the meaning of the names and it will be helping in giving a cute meaning full name to baby.

AMARA – – means Everlasting
ALIYAH — means Rising
ALINA — means bearer of light
AMAYA — means “the end” , “the pleasant place ” OR “the heavenly place”
ARIEL — means LION of GOD
ARIA — means Lioness
AYLA — means Deer OR Gazelle
AMINA — means Honest OR Faith full 
ANNIE — means the Sun will come out tomorrow
AMIRA — means the Princess
ALICE — means Noble
ANGELA — means Messenger of God
ASA — means Doctor OR Healer
AVI — means father of Multitude ( of Nation)

Aadarsh — means one who has principles
Aadav — means thhe sun, bright, powerful, intelligent
Aadavan — means the Sun
Aadesh — means Command OR Message
Aadhidev — means the first god
Aadhinath — means ‘First’
Aadhira — means Moon
Aadi — means Important
Aahna — means Exist
Aakaanksha — means Desire
Aakash — means Sky
Aalok — means Enlightenment or Light of divinity
Aamod — means Pleasant, accept
Aanandhi — means Always happy
Aaradhya — means Worshipped
Aashi — means Beautiful Smile , one who cares for others
Ajay — means unconquered
Abhay — means Fearless
Anamiks — means nameless
Anita — means grace or favour
Aashu– means Brightest Among All Humans
Archana — means dedicated or adoring

You can visit the below website to check the meaning of names and look for a meaning full name to your baby.